New Season, from Monday 18 December at 21:00 CET
This fast-paced, half-hour series explores the history you
thought you knew in a whole new way by revealing 10
amazing things you didn’t know about a historical person
or event. Each episode focuses on one subject and is
filled with the kind of fascinating information that not
only makes for water cooler buzz, it also changes your
understanding of how history happened. Plus, each one
of the 10 things becomes a springboard into other
revelations: Ben Franklin, for example, is well-known for
having been a ladies man. What you didn’t know is that
he was also a member of secret sex clubs, a habit that led
to Ben’s fathering an illegitimate son, William. And it was
William, not Ben, who flew the kite in the famous
experiment. Hosted by historian David Eisenbach, and
shot on location at sites connected to each episode’s
subject, this series is both an active and interactive
journey through history that you didn’t know, but will
never forget.

Continues Fridays at 21:00 CET

The Golden Era of the American cowboy was a powder
keg of history - a period of conquest, war and money. In
these brief, but tumultuous years following the Civil War,
men and women endured astonishing hardship and
danger, from battles with Indians and outlaws, to nature’s
own brutalities. Yet, for a few extraordinary individuals,
it was a time of incredible opportunity. Cowboys drove
millions of steers from Texas along cattle trails to
northern railroad heads. Their daring but solitary
journeys established cowboys as heroes whose strength
and character made them the ultimate icons of their
time. But the hazardous frontier, where the law often
amounted to little more than a man with a badge and a
posse, also bred some of America’s most infamous
outlaws, whose reputations still inspire awe. Combining
dramatic reenactments of some of the era’s most
revealing moments with forensic evidence and surprising
new documentary twists, Cowboys & Outlaws unveils the
true tales and characters of the American West.

Continues Thursdays at 21:00 CET
This series covers many of the ancient Greek and Norse
gods, monsters and heroes, including Hades, Hercules,
Medusa, Minotaur, Odysseus and Zeus. The tale of the
strongest superhero in Greek mythology and his quest
for redemption. Hercules endures as one of history’s
most influential demigods, but recent archaeological
discoveries suggest that mythology’s strongest man may
have been inspired by a real person. Then, the epic
tragedy of Medusa, the most infamous female fiend in
Greek mythology, whose look turned every living thing to
stone. But what is the true story behind the myth? Plus,
explore one of mythology’s most terrifying monsters, the
Minotaur, and one if its most archetypical heroes,
Odysseus, this month on H2®.